"He just doesn’t pay attention in class." "It’s like she's in a daze at school." "Sometimes I wonder if he can even hear me when I talk to him."

Attention concerns are probably the top reason that parents contact us at The Brain Trainer. If you worry that your child or teen has difficulty paying attention and just can’t seem to focus, you’re not alone.

We’ll assess your child to determine if attention difficulties or learning difficulties are the problem.  If they are, we’ll begin a program of tasks that feel like games to build and focus your child’s attention over longer and longer periods of time. Your child will develop the ability to notice details and recall them, and to work through distractions. As your child progresses, we’ll make the tasks more challenging by adding new distractions.

You’ll see the difference as your child's mind starts to work differently. Your child will see the difference, too, as everyday tasks and learning become easier and more fun to do.

Note that while some parents come to us in the belief that attention is the main difficulty, our assessment may find other issues, such as short-term memory or processing speed. We’ll create a comprehensive program that addresses all of your child’s needs.

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