Improve Memory and Work Performance in Charlotte NC

Adults come to The Brain Trainer when they want to improve memory and work performance.  They want to learn how to improve at work, raising the level of their employee performance.  Does this sound like you?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to improve your memory so you can perform better on the job recalling names and detailed information more easily?
  • Do you want to boost your ability to pay attention, so you can focus for longer periods of time and work through distractions?
  • Do you want to enhance how fast your brain processes information, so you can respond more rapidly at meetings with useful ideas?
  • Do you intend to return to college or graduate school and want to make the most of your reading and listening skills before you head back into the classroom?
  • Are you seeking a promotion at work with more responsibility?

How we do we get you closer to your desired goals of better job performance?  You begin with an assessment by Dr. Parker and discover your strong and weak cognitive (learning) skills.  Next, Dr. Parker creates a plan of action and introduces you to your personal brain trainer.  You and your trainer then work one-on-one to train your brain using our activities to strengthen your weak areas, which often correlate with the areas that you want to improve in your job performance.  The training is always challenging and intense as well as age and skill appropriate.

Whether your employer calls it “employee performance”, “job performance”, or “work performance”, call us at The Brain Trainer to find out how to improve work performance so you can begin to excel at work.

Dr. Parker's work with adults has been featured on local Charlotte television networks, WFAE public radio in Charlotte, and in The Charlotte Post.