Dementia Treatment in Charlotte NC

A speech language pathologist is often involved in the diagnosis and planning for individuals who have dementia.

In a two-hour evaluation, Dr. Vicki Parker will use a variety of assessments to provide detailed information on your loved one’s cognition and language function. This information can be very helpful to your physician in determining the extent of the dementia already present.

We’ll report on your loved one’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you and your family plan appropriate tasks at home to keep your loved one engaged but not frustrated or unsafe. You’ll leave our sessions with a better understanding of the next stage in your loved one’s dementia and how to prepare for that step.

You may schedule an appointment with us first and take the information you learn to your family physician. We also receive many referrals from physicians.

Prior to starting The Brain Trainer, Dr. Parker conducted dementia assessments as part of her work at a major hospital system, where she supervised a staff of fifty.