Digital Brain Training With Coaching

There are many digital training programs but there are two I have chosen to recommend and work with along side my clients. Both programs have been researched for over 15 years and have peer-reviewed publications. Both programs utilize a therapist coaching model; why is this important? Because people are more successful in retaining their brains with some oversight from a trained professional to give regular feedback and guide their progress. The therapist helps by incorporating strategies for computer drills as well as ways to apply these cognitive skills in daily life. I work with two programs specifically, Cogmed TM and Stronger BrainsTM. Each have their advantages.

1. How do I choose what program to recommend?

We start with a cognitive assessment and learn your or your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Getting to know you or your child is important to decide if digital would be an option and which program would fit you or your child’s needs best.

2. What are the major differences between the two programs?

Both work on attention and memory. CogmedTM is more repetitive and more predictable and this is often a good starting point if someone is overwhelmed. CogmedTM is not as visually distracting. Stronger BrainsTM has more auditory memory activities this is important for listening and reading.

3. Who typically is recommended for Cogmed?

I have used CogmedTM for individuals age 7 with supervision ranging through adulthood for executives and seniors. I have used this program with people who have ADD/ADHD, concussion/head trauma, post-chemotherapy, learning disability, mild cognitive impairment, long-COVID, and those just wanting an edge with their daily performance.

4. When do you choose Stronger BrainsTM for a client?

I typically choose Stronger BrainsTM if we want to work on auditory processing, processing speed, and emotion recognition. When there are multiple areas to work on Stronger BrainsTM may be our better choice. I have recommended Stronger BrainsTM to individuals with the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome – High-Level Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder, Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language, Learning Disability, and long-Covid.

5. General information on both programs:

You need to have internet access. You can do these programs anywhere that you need to travel to if there is good internet, making these programs ideal for people who need to travel for work or over longer vacations.

For more information on CogmedTM or Stronger BrainsTM digital brain training please call our office at 704-541-1373

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