The best compliment a company can receive is positive feedback from their clients. This feedback has enabled us to build solid relationships with our clients and the communities we serve. The following is a sample of some of the success stories from our clients:

I was infected with SARS-CoV-2 in March of 2020 while working closely with patients in a health care setting. Within a month I was experiencing severe neurological issues like vertigo and balance problems, and also a feeling like my brain was swollen and buzzing. There was no understanding at that time of post-viral encephalitis resulting from Covid-19-19 but my eyes and brain were profoundly impacted. I eventually had to have eye surgeries and corrective lenses for partial paralysis of eye muscles, cataracts, and worsening Glaucoma, and increased eye pressure. My brain was impaired with visual memory loss, immediate and short-term memory loss, and issues that I had never dealt with before called derealization and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Dr. Parker started working with me about a year and 1/2 into my disease progression by introducing the CogMed program. At first, this was very hard for me but as I persisted to engage in it nearly daily, I could see that I was showing improvements in attention, strategy, and memory and that these reclaimed skills could then be lateralized into daily situations. For example, in a meeting, I would get distracted by a sidebar conversation but I could now notice that my attention had shifted and immediately refocus on what I had before me. In her weekly coaching sessions-where, she would review my scores and tell me which areas were still lagging, and which had improved, as well as adjust the program so I could continue to feel successful yet challenged, which was essential to my staying on track. I have progressed to an independent program now, and am thankful for her help during one of the most difficult times in my life. I would highly recommend her. NR
We can't thank Angela, Dr. Parker and the Brain Trainer enough for helping our daughter! Our daughter was getting good grades, but we felt like she was putting way too much effort into everything she did. She hated reading and would avoid it any way she could! We tried tutoring but it didn't seem to help - even though they told us she was working ahead, we still thought she had to work way too hard!

We found The Brain Trainer on the internet, and after talking with Angela, we decided to meet with Dr. Parker and have our daughter tested. We decided to go with the program Dr. Parker recommended and are we glad we did!

We can not believe the improvement! The training Angela did with her helped in every aspect. She no longer fights to read! Her homework is finished quickly and accurately, her communication and writing skills improved, her attention to detail and problem solving also improved. Her grades went up and the effort and time she had to put into everything went down (not in a bad way).

Not only did we notice a change, but our daughter did as well. She noticed concepts came quicker and school work became easier. I wasn't sure how we were going to manage our schedule with school, homework and any activities - but we did! Our daughter enjoyed the training, there were times it was really hard for her, but Angela had a way of getting her through.
We can't say enough about how the training helped our daughter! I thank them everyday when she comes home and says she finished her homework in school . . . or she says ok when we say it's time to read.
Thank you Brain Trainer you did an awesome job!!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We are doing our end of testing in reading and yesterday that child SHOCKED me!!!!
We started reading and answering questions on the level that he has been reading and he passed it with flying colors. So, we went up to the next level.....he did a GREAT reading and answering and writing answers to questions. Soooo, up to the next level we went. I am SOOOOOO proud of him. He has shown me that he can independently read a level 18 and answer questions about what he is reading. He has come a LONG way. This is where they are supposed to be at the end of 1st grade. At mid-year, I knew he would grow and I figured that he would probably be close to grade level, but I thought I was going to cry the other day when I was testing him.

- From a teacher retesting a 1st grader's reading.
Brain Training, a Family Affair

I started working with Vicki Parker because of my daughter. She is 10 years old and has always been behind in her development. My daughter is a wonderful cheerful person but she has had a very tough time learning. She gets extra help at school but was falling further and further behind. After extensive testing Vicki set her on a program that is finally starting to show some encouraging results.

My son on the other hand is very bright. He has always been a B student with a few As here and there. I asked Vicky if there was a program that could move him up a notch. I want him to ultimately be a straight A student. She suggested Cog-Med. As he was working thru the program I began to see subtle changes. He wasn’t missing the bus quite so often and his teachers stopped sending notes home about forgotten homework. Without any specific pressure he was beginning to become more organized. What was really interesting is that this seemed to be a natural sort of progression. A subtle shift in the way he was thinking and organizing his life.

As he worked his way thru the program I was very impressed with Vicki's constant feedback. The program was not just a test then setting my son down to work on the computer. I soon learned that Vicki was constantly reviewing his progress. He and I constantly received updates reviewing his progress. She praised him on his good days and explained how learning wasn’t a constant move upwards on days that he did not do so well.

The first report card he received while he was doing the CogMed was all As except for Gym and Social Studies. Gym I could forgive him for but a B in Social Studies. He has promised to do better on his next report card.

So with positive results for two out of three family members I broached the subject of CogMed for myself. Frankly I was hesitant about asking. Being a rather private person I was not looking forward to the testing. I am not a computer game person and it had been 40 years since I finished College. I just didn’t know if I could do this.

That was four weeks ago. I survived the testing and have now been working on Cog Med for 20 out of the fist 25 intensive training sessions. Just as with my son there have been constant feedbacks and encouragement. Just as with my son I am beginning to see some subtle changes. Things aren’t getting lost quite as often, and when they are it is easier to find them! My work is somehow just a little more organized. It is resulting in better production with less effort. Vicki says it will keep getting better. I can’t wait.

But here is the kicker. My 13 year old son and I are now comparing notes on how we are doing. We are learning together, expressing our frustrations and comparing strategies for excelling. It is a whole new way of relating to each other and it feels great for both of us.

Thanks Vicki.
When we started this journey, I was unsure of how much improvement we would see in our son, Alex. It was definitely a leap of faith and did it ever pay off!

When we started this program, my son was a third of the way into 5th grade and struggling with reading comprehension. He had been struggling since 3rd grade and was receiving extra help but it didn’t seem to be getting better. Brain Training was suggested to me as a way of helping Alex.

After the initial testing, Alex was matched up with a wonderful trainer who not only kept him on track but brought out the best in him. The people at The Brain Trainer definitely make a concerted effort to make the best match possible between child and trainer. About a month and a half into the program, Alex mentioned that he’s having a hard time concentrating on the teacher because his neighbor kept talking to him.
Because of this program, he was able to take the initiative and articulate to the teacher his dilemma whereas before, he would just get frustrated and shut down. He ended up making A/B Honor Roll for the rest of the school year.

The effects of this training have long term benefits. My son started his first year of middle school and using the strategies he’s learned, made A/B Honor Roll first quarter and just recently A Honor Roll second quarter. The confidence he now has, because of this training, is priceless!
We had the best conference with Jackson's teacher today than we have had in the past 3 years. Everything was positive. His EC Resource teacher sat in on this too and gave us insight into his reading level. He has moved from Reading Level G to Reading Level K since the beginning of the school year. He pays attention and participates in class discussions and offers thoughts and comments. We are so happy and know this is due to his work with you. Thank you very much.Jackson's mom
My son has been working with the Brain Trainer team for two months. Being a typical teenager, he doesn’t “like school”. I anticipated him not wanting to attend, but the opposite has been true.

The real victory came this summer when he spent time with his Algebra tutor and told him techniques he could use for math that he learned from the Brain Trainer.

Thank-you Dr. Parker and The Brain Trainer Team!
Karen H.
I enrolled my DS in Dr. Parker's brain training program a year ago. Prior to his enrollment, his elementary school teacher complained about his behavior on a weekly basis and he struggled with reading. Also, my DS could not organize his thoughts. For example, he could not tell me what type of activities he participated in during the school day or even what he had had for lunch. In just 3 short months of brain training, I saw results. He was able to follow instructions, and, for the first time, my DS could participate in team sports without distracting the coach and his teammates. By the six month, he was a different kid. His behavior in school was no longer an issue and he could give me a run down of his school schedule and easily explain what the teacher had presented in class. My DS also was more coordinated when it came to learning Tae Kwon Do. My DS is now reading at grade level, and, as icing on the cake, can now sing along to songs. I highly recommend Dr. Parker and her services. It has made a profound difference in the life of my DS.Mrs. C
My son was diagnosed with ASD about 2.5 years ago. We were doing the typical speech and OT therapy but were not seeing the results. My daughters tutor suggested this place and he has shown more improvement is 6 months than he showed Angie H.
I'm 39-years-old. I've had undiagnosed auditory, memory, and focusing problems my entire life. I worked ten times harder than normal in college and graduate school. I had to record and painstakingly transcribe all of my class lectures due to the auditory, memory, and focusing problems. I've tried numerous medications (such as Adderall) and psychotherapy for over 13 years and nothing worked in curing the problems in auditory, memory, and focus. Finally in June 2012, I stumbled upon the Brain Trainer website, which spoke to all of my symptoms. I've undergone 60 hrs of treatment this summer to address the auditory and already my auditory has improved from 42%, borderline disorder, to 91%.

The results have been so astonishing and permanent, that I'm now undergoing another 30 hrs this fall to continue to further improve my memory and ability for sustained focus. When I compare my thought processing before seeing Dr. Parker and now, it is amazing to me how I functioned beforehand.

My thoughts are more focused and ordered. I am able to run my business more efficiently and be more present with my family. My life has changed significantly and I am so thankful for this new lease on life.

The most tangible result of our daughter's time at The Brain Trainer has been how much more quickly she finishes her assignments. Though she has always been a hard worker, she is noticeably less overwhelmed by her workload and no longer has nightly headaches.

We primarily came to The Brain Trainer for help with comprehension and speed. Our daughter has enjoyed significant improvement in both areas with the unexpected and most beneficial result of confidence!
Amy W.
We tried many different types of learning programs for Colin, with little impact. Arabia with The Brain Trainer changed all that. Colin would fight and refuse to do homework and had problems with spelling and phonics. Before the program Colin had C's and D's, now he has A's and B's with no more fighting about his homework assignments. I would reccommend this program to anyone! It was well worth the money!Chris E.
Being a parent today is not an easy job. There are more demands and expectations placed on our children every day from academic performance to extracurricular activities. Unfortunately even though society holds performance expectations to the same level for each child, research over the last several decades has shown that children’s brains are all “wired” differently. While our educational system continues to reward and teach based on memorization, the reality is that all children are not innately wired with the same capability to perform in this area. Many children who were labeled as “not smart” just don’t have the wiring and haven’t been trained to perform for memorization, pattern recognition and speed processing of information. The good news is that the Brain Trainer has developed an intensive yet fun curriculum that makes a difference. They have worked with two of our children who have struggled in these areas and it has significantly improved their performance and self esteem. If your child is struggling at school I would strongly recommend partnering with The Brain Trainer to help your child achieve their potential.Peter W.
Although Kelly is still a struggling student, she has improved in many areas. Her blending/ phonemic awareness has improved immensely and has given her more confidence while reading. Her reading comprehension has also improved, such that she scored 100% on her last 3 AR (accelerated reading) tests! Her memory has also improved, and although hard to measure, she's able to easily retain facts, silly expressions or recalling a past event, all of much were a struggle for her before.

Cognitive therapy has indeed been successful for Kelly! Although the process is slow, it is life changing. My sincere thanks go to Dr. Parker and trainer Angela for their dedication and commitment. Without there compassion, Kelly's success would not have been possible - thank you!
Tammy C.
Jessica's reading comprehension has improved drastically. Needless to say, her grades are starting to go up. Confidence level seems to be improving daily. This has helped her with self esteem issues. I've noticed that she has been able to focus longer on school work. The biggest thing I have noticed is her ability to join in any conversation with kids or grownups. She always seems to have something to say that gives some value to the conversation. Daniel P.
As a parent, you want your child to have the tools to be successful in life. You may think as I did that the teachers or our pediatrician would have the skills and experience to identify potential issues. But after years of consultations and frustrations with both, I found that neither were adequately trained to holistically deal with the issues that I faced with my son. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Vicki Parker and her team that our lives changed for the better.

Dr. Parker performed extensive testing on my son and identified his issue as a cognitive processing issue which impacted his reading. With a clear diagnosis of dyslexia, she identified a systematic brain training program to retrain my son’s brain so that he’d immediately improve his reading. Not only did his reading improve by four grade levels in 6 months but he now has the foundation to continue improving his reading skills in the long term! His frustration with reading and overall school work reduced so much that we no longer had the daily homework battles!

More recently, I noticed that my son was having difficulties with expressing himself adequately and that was leading to behavioral problems. I immediately contacted Dr. Parker to see if there was anything that she and her team could do to help us. My son went through a series of assessments for higher order language processing skills. Dr. Parker correlated those results with his cognitive results and identified specific activities we could do at home and how speech pathology could help close the language gaps between his cognitive and language processing skills.

The evaluations and consultations have been helpful in understanding my son’s abilities better and helping him to improve his planning. Throughout the assessment, evaluations and training, Dr. Parker and her team have always been helpful and understanding. Their guidance has been invaluable to me in helping me recalibrate and set my son on a course for success.
Michelle C. - Cognitive & Language Skills