Accent Modification Services in Charlotte, NC

As a professional, the first conversation with your new client, colleague or patient is important so you chose your words wisely.  However, how you speak those words is often more important than what you say.  Accents are a part of our personal heritage but if they are too strong they can adversely affect our ability to communicate with others.  Accent modification is typically needed when the way in which you speak begins to inhibit conversations with those you interact with and others have difficulty understanding your words. If you constantly have to repeat yourself or you avoid social interaction due to people not understanding you, then accent modification services at The Brain Trainer can benefit you.

After meeting with Dr. Parker for an assessment, a plan of action will be created to modify your accent and improve communication. The plan is individualized to your specific speech pattern and situation.  The goal of accent modification is based on your personal goals; it is to help you speak English on your own terms by giving you control over your accent. Through tips on articulation placement, phrasing, intonation, sentence structure, improved understanding of casual language, and practice your accent can be modified to become clearer to others, while still preserving your native accent.

Who it helps:

  • Non-native English speakers.
  • Speakers who want to reduce a regional accent.
  • Business and medical professionals who want to improve their communication skills for more positive and efficient communications with the people they serve.
  • Educators and service providers involved in teaching others.
  • Those who feel their accent is decreasing their ability to socialize well.

For additional information or to schedule an assessment with Dr. Parker, contact 704-541-1373.  Early morning and mid-day hours are available to accommodate your work schedule.