Neurological Disorders or Trauma Treatment Charlotte NC

Patients with a neurological disorder such as a stroke or an aneurysm, or those experiencing the effects of a brain injury or chemotherapy treatment, face unique challenges in rehabilitation and making the most of their cognitive abilities.  These types of neurological disorders often affect the brain’s ability to focus (attention), recall information (memory), or make informed decisions about treatment or life decisions (logic and reasoning).  Brain injury and other disorders affect not only the physical body but the cognitive skills that help us live and learn as well.

The Brain Trainer can improve skills weakened by brain trauma or disorder. We can improve the progress made in post chemotherapy and stroke rehabilitation by pushing skills to higher levels than traditional therapy. How? We focus on rebuilding lost cognitive skills in an integrated manner. For many patients dealing with recovery from stroke or brain injury, we get the best results by targeting a combination of skills such as: attention, memory, processing speed, logic and reasoning, verbal skills, listening and reading comprehension all at once instead of individually.

Dr. Vicki Parker, who has years of experience working with individuals with neurological disorders of all ages, will conduct a thorough assessment and make recommendations about the type of program needed. The program may include both brain training and speech language services. Dr. Parker will also work closely other medical professionals who provide rehabilitation care to your loved one.

Dr. Parker’s expertise in the area of cognitive skill recovery is greatly affected by her academic studies and her career, focusing on neurologically based cases, working with those recovering from a stroke or brain injury, and those individuals in the medical process of discovering the cause for his or her affected memory.  She has worked with those that have significant amount of seizures, have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum including Asperger’s, and individuals with learning disorders.

She is also one of the authors of Problem Solving, Planning and Organizational Tasks: Strategies for Retraining, a clinical textbook for fellow professionals providing practical ideas to facilitate cognitive retraining with functional activities.

All of this experience combines to create programs that excel in effective cognitive recovery due to brain injury, stroke, late effects of chemo and radiation therapy or other neurological disorders at The Brain Trainer.