Staying Sharp As You Age in Charlotte NC

“Where did I put those keys?”

“What was her name again?”

“Eggs, milk and…oh, I can’t remember the rest of my list!”

Does this sound like you?  Don’t worry.   Brain training can show you ways to improve memory concerns such as these.  Misplacing items is often a matter of establishing a routine and not a major sign of dementia.  Memory improvement is possible with brain training!  How?

A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that seniors who received cognitive training showed a higher level of continuous performance in cognitive skills than a control group of seniors without training.  These cognitive skills included memory, reasoning, and processing speed. When you participate in cognitive training, or what we call brain training, you are often improving memory, reasoning, and processing speed at the same time.

In the same study, those seniors who received training in reasoning found it easier to continue their basic activities of daily, independent living.  Maintaining their independence has been a major concern for our senior clients.  Many have watched as a friend or family member slipped further and further into a form of dementia.  And it is not unusual to encounter advertisements about preventing or maintaining diseases that cause memory loss on a daily basis.  Research shows that an active mind and body can help prevent such diseases.  An active mind is where The Brain Trainer comes in.

While brain training one-on-one with your personal brain trainer, you’ll find that improving memory and other skills can not only be stimulating, but fun too!  Browse our site to learn more about what we do and how we do it, starting with Brain Training.

Dr. Vicki Parker speaks frequently to seniors' groups on how to stay sharp as you age, often focusing on ways to improve memory.  To find out more information, call The Brain Trainer at 704-541-1372.

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