Reading Treatment in Charlotte NC

Dyslexia means difficulty reading. Standard tutoring programs are often not effective reading treatment for children, teens or adults with more complex reading problems.. 

Tutoring tends to emphasize such tactics as sight words (words that are frequently used in the English language) or blending phonemes (sound units such as /c/ /ou/ /f/ to make cough).  Those tactics, however, are not helpful to those individuals struggling with the reading problems created by weak cognitive foundation skills.  People with complex reading difficulties need to strengthen the foundational skills of learning, addressing the causes instead of the symptoms.  The foundational learning skills include attention, memory, auditory processing, processing speed, logic and reasoning, visualization, and understanding of concepts.  If one or more of these skills are weak or underdeveloped, the results often lead to reading problems like dyslexia.  At The Brain Trainer we  develop the skills that deal with reading problems. 

We combine brain training work with reading treatment.  You or your child will work one-on-one with a trainer in a custom program developed for you.  Both adults and children will begin with strengthening the foundational skills of learning, an important first step in reading improvement.  Once we see improvement in attention, memory, or other needed areas, we then teach letter decoding skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies.  Though the training goals are the same for both children and adults for the treatment of reading, the activities in training sessions are age appropriate.    

This approach to the treatment of reading struggles makes it much more likely that you or your child will comprehend sophisticated articles, books, web sites and other written material, and even enjoy reading. We've seen it happen with others. It can happen for your family, too.