Cognitive Disorders - Therapy and Treatment in Charlotte NC

Dr. Vicki Parker provides cognitive therapy services to children and adults with cognitive disorders. Cognitive disorders typically come from a traumatic brain injury or difficulties on the right side of the brain. She also serves adults following a diagnosis of early dementia or right hemisphere dysfunction. Sometimes Cognitive difficulties are noted after chemotherapy, radiation treatment, a seizure, or an accident.

People with Cognitive Disorders frequently have attention and memory difficulties. Dr. Parker uses one-one therapy, Interactive Metronome, and CogMed to help improve deficits in these area.

People with cognitive disorders may have trouble initiating conversations or action. Dr. Parker builds the underlying skills that allow clients to become more assertive and take the initiative, skills such as attention, memory, processing speed and reasoning.

They may not understand abstract language or humor. For improvements in language comprehension and use, Dr. Parker works with clients to manipulate and practice different parts of speech to build understanding.

Making good judgments and solving problems can be a challenge for them. Dr. Parker coaches clients on how to develop problem-solving strategies so that decision-making is easier. Clients learn planning and organizational strategies for daily life or work. Those who are too impulsive do exercises to develop their sense of pacing, attention, and impulse control

Their visual perception may be distorted, which affects how they move in space, use maps or read. Dr. Parker helps clients plan for these obstacles and learn tactics to compensate.