Charlotte Learning Center, Tutoring and Education

Brain training at our Charlotte learning center can improve the lives of students experiencing learning difficulties.  These learning difficulties may have been diagnosed or simply observed by parents, teachers, and/or the students themselves.  Our trainers can help those whose student performance has not improved from tutoring programs.  While tutoring provides helpful study strategies, the student is ultimately relearning the information that weak cognitive (learning) skills did not receive when the information was first processed. (i.e., The first time the student learned the new information either in class or through a reading assignment, the information was not fully comprehended that time, nor the times after that.)

The focus of The Brain Trainer is different.  At our Charlotte, NC learning center, we aim to change the way these students think by improving memory skills, processing speed, and logic and reasoning skills, just to name a few. After the targeted cognitive skills have been strengthened, we’ll introduce study strategies while continuing to improve cognitive skills.  Since we are born with these skills integrated in the brain, building the skills in an integrated manner naturally helps each skill become stronger, improving not only student performance but confidence as well.

Students that saw school improvement were previously ones who:

  • Worked exceedingly hard but still received low or average grades.
  • Repeatedly had difficulty passing their End of Grade Exams (EOGs).
  • Participated in school offered programs (IEPs or 504 plans) that assist with learning difficulties.
  • Had slow performance while taking tests or (not) finishing work in class.
  • Disliked reading and found it slow and difficult.
  • Had substantial difficulty with math.

Does this sound like a student you know?

If so, this student doesn’t have to keep failing. Brain training at our Charlotte learning center can make the difference by improving memory, attention, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing, and logic and reasoning, other cognitive skills that create the best student he or she can be.