Language Development in Charlotte NC

For Children

Does your child:

  • Use fewer words than you'd expect?
  • Struggle to find the right word?
  • Find it a challenge to put words together in meaningful ways?
  • Have difficulty following instructions?
  • Misunderstand descriptions such as "in front of" or "behind"?

Working with a speech therapist  or language development therapist can help your child speak in longer, more meaningful sentences and comprehend new words, abstract concepts, and sentence structure. With  proper coaching, your child can build vocabulary, feel more comfortable speaking in complete sentences, and become more fluent.

Language skills therapy is typically recommended for children with developmental problems or a cognitive disorder.

For Adults

You might be have heard language skills therapy called "aphasia therapy." If you or a loved one has experienced a stroke or brain injury, language skills therapy can be an important part of the treatment. A speech therapist nurtures and enhances the patient's use of language. The end result? The patient understands more, speaks more fluently, and can feel more confident, too.

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