Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment in Charlotte NC

The root cause of most reading, spelling, and listening problems is difficulty with auditory processing. The brain receives sound, but has trouble identifying or manipulating that sound.

Telltale signs include:

  • vague speech
  • frequently mispronounced words
  • an inability to pay attention, easily follow directions or learn to read
  • enjoyment in listening to stories and music

It’s not uncommon for children, teens or even adults with auditory processing disorders to go years without a proper diagnosis.  Patients typically also have challenges with memory, visualization and processing speed. Many clients will have cognitive, auditory manipulation and comprehension goals to work to improve auditory processing problems.

Children learn to listen critically for different sounds and practice manipulating sounds for faster listening.  They develop the ability to comprehend more complex sentence structures, concepts and lengthy directions.  We work on auditory memory strategies so they can recall information heard.