ADD and ADHD Treatment in Charlotte NC

ADD/ADHD Treatment for Children and Teens in Charlotte NC

Medication is a common remedy for children and teens diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. But medication doesn’t work for everyone. It can cause decreased appetite and make some students far less animated. It also does nothing to build organization skills or improved memory – two areas that can be struggles for students with ADD and ADHD.

That’s where cognitive therapy comes in. Therapy can bring out these critical skills and allow students to build upon their many strengths. Dr. Parker will work closely with your physician to determine the areas in which your child needs assistance. She’ll create a custom program to help your student improve his/her focus and concentration.

Dr. Parker can also recommend accommodations you can request at school to bring out  your student’s best academic performance.

Adult ADD/ADHD Treatment in Charlotte NC

See if this sounds like you. You can’t get started or focus on important projects that matter to you. You have difficulty planning and scheduling.  You frequently misplace items and forget appointments. When you’re in a meeting, you listen to your own thoughts rather than to the person speaking. Your inability to listen well sometimes interferes with your relationships, too. You may say whatever pops into your mind, whether it's appropriate or not.  You feel as if you’re always restless.

Those feelings and behaviors can be signs of adult ADD or ADHD. It’s not uncommon for adult ADD/ADHD to go undiagnosed for many years. Sometimes adults realize they have ADD/ADHD when their children are diagnosed, as the condition runs in families.

At The Brain Trainer, Dr. Parker helps adults with ADD/ADHD to sustain attention and work through distractions. Clients learn how to solve problems and develop planning and organizational skills. Your program could also include activities to strengthen your working memory and quicken your processing speed, assets that can combat the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.