Summer Seminar

Looking for something fun to do this summer?

Consider brain training at The Brain Trainer! Not only is brain training fun, but it is an excellent way to ensure your child stays sharp all summer long, and is ready for the next school year. Brain training works your mind the same way the personal trainer works your body, resulting in faster processing, better memory and attention skills.

Join us for our upcoming seminar to learn more about The Brain Trainer and things you can do over the summer to keep your child's skills strong. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding about brain training, and experience training for yourself.

When: Tuesday - May 17, 2011 at 6:00 

Where: The Brain Trainer - 11030 Golf Links Dr., Ste. 204 - Charlotte, NC 28277 

For additional information or to reserve you place, contact Angela at 704-541-1373 or

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