Foreign Accent Reduction

These are the areas that are typically addressed in foreign accent therapy:

1. English sounds that the individual does not have in their native language or say in a distorted
    a. Do you trill your /r/?
    b. Does your native language not use the /th/ sound?
2. Intonation of the phase so it correctly indicates a comment or question and highlights the important
    a. Is your speech monotone or rapid? American speakers use a slower and more rhythmic style of
3. Phrasing to indicate breaks for breathing or emphasis.
    a. Do people ask you to repeat yourself often?
4. Pragmatics that affect communication such as non-verbal behaviors (i.e. social distancing, eye
    contact, head nodding, turn-taking).
    a. Do people back away from you when you talk?
    b. Does conversation seem tense and doesn’t flow?
5. Understanding of grammar and language. Which may include idioms, slang expressions and
    a. Do you find you are confused during meetings and conversations?
    b. Do others correct your word choice and sentences often?
The above areas are the main areas targeted in foreign accent therapy. The goal is to make your more understandable to others and to have your English feel more natural to you. If you feel that any of the above areas could be improved give us a call 704.541-1373.

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